Material Flow's cart selection is extensive and deep. We have carts for most every industrial purpose including janitorial, housekeeping, stock picking and waste management. Major brands such as Dutro, Royal, Rubbermaid, Wesco Industrial and Wesley International bring you everything from basket trucks to wire carts.

Carts that fold for easy storage.
Browse Folding Carts by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Basket Trucks.
Browse Basket Trucks by manufacturer
Housekeeping carts for hotels, motels, resorts and housekeeping.
Browse Housekeeping Carts by manufacturer
Material Flow offers a great selection of linen carts and trucks.
Browse Linen Carts and Trucks by manufacturer
Dependable, long lasting utility trucks from lines such as Meese.
Browse Utility Trucks by manufacturer
Nursery and Garden carts for nurseries from leading manufacturers including Little Giant and Vestil.
Selection of carts made for food service.
Browse Food Service Carts by manufacturer
Order picking carts for retail, back room, store room applications.
Browse Order Picking Carts by manufacturer
Low profile carts for everyday use in any application.
Browse Low Profile Carts by manufacturer
Excellent instrument carts for handling delicate equipment.
Carts built for easy mattress handling.
Browse Mattress Carts by manufacturer
Bar Cradle Trucks for moving long items including bars, piping and more.
Heavy duty bulk trucks built for years of use.
Custom steer trailers to meet the heaviest and toughest jobs.
Browse our selection of Narrow Aisle Carts.
Browse our selection of Custom Cart & Track Systems.
Browse our selection of Office Carts.
Browse Office Carts by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Tub Carts.
Browse Tub Carts by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Food Tray Carts.
Browse Food Tray Carts by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Kitchen Service Carts.
Browse Kitchen Carts by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Tablet Storage Carts.
Browse Tablet Storage Carts by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Lumber and Panel Carts.
Browse Lumber & Panel Carts by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Chair and Table Carts.
Browse our selection of Poly Box Trucks.
Browse our selection of Recycle Carts.
Browse Recycle Carts by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Mobile Steel Carts.
Browse Mobile Steel Carts by manufacturer
Carton carts made for moving flattened cardboard.
Browse Carton Carts and Trucks by manufacturer
Exceptional welding carts built for any shop and warehouse.
Browse Welding Carts by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Wire Reel Carts.
Browse Wire Reel Carts by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Tray Carts.
Browse Tray Carts by manufacturer
Wagons and Trailers from Material Flow.
Browse Wagons and Trailers by manufacturer
Hydraulic Elevating Carts from Stromberg
Browse Hydraulic Elevating Carts by manufacturer
Selection of laundry carts for laundromats, resorts and more.
Excellent drywall carts from the best brands.
Material Flow carries an extensive line of service carts! Choose from a wide variety of brands and uses! Built with rugged and durable use in mind, our service carts line is matched by none!
Economy platform trucks from Stromberg.
Browse Economy Platform Trucks by manufacturer
Browse our large selection of Stock Trucks.
Tilt trucks are durable and ideal for banding, cardboard, wood, paper, trash, etc. Material Flow has brands from Wesco, Jesco, Bayhead and more.
Material Flow carries a wide variety of box trucks and carts from leading brands such as Wesco, Little Giant and Meese. These box trucks are perfect for your industrial needs!
Transport luggage safely at motels, hotels, airports and resorts with these high quality luggage carts from Vestil Manufacturing and Magliner.
Browse Luggage Carts by manufacturer
These lightweight and durable carts are handy for many uses. Material Flow offers Lyon, Lewis Bins and Quantum Storage Systems brand Wire Carts.
Move wood panels, tables, sheetrock and more with these top of the line panel and sheet movers from leading manufacturers such as Dutro, Vestil Manufacturing and Wesco Industrial Products.
A-Frame carts for any application from leading manufacturers such as Little Giant, Vestil Manufacturing, Stromberg and Valley Craft.
Transport equipment and small parts from one workstation to another in these convenient and handy carts from manufacturers such as Lewis Bins, Quantum Storage Systems, Little Giant and Jamco!
Book carts for schools, libraries and more!
Browse Book Carts by manufacturer
Audio/Video Carts for schools, offices, universities, conference rooms and more!
Browse Audio Video Carts by manufacturer
Cleanroom carts are excellent for electronic applications.
Browse Cleanroom Carts by manufacturer
Lab carts are designed specifically for laboratory use.
Browse Lab Carts by manufacturer
From Drywall Trucks to Mattress Trucks to Flow Bar Trucks and everything in-between, Material Flow carries them all! Hamilton, Dutro, Meco Omaha and more- Browse our inventory or simply call us to find the cart that fits your needs.
Material Flow carries a wide variety of medical equipment.
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Basket Trucks (22) Linen Carts and Trucks (24) Utility Trucks (7)
Utility Carts (21) Nursery and Garden Carts (15) Food Service Carts (30)
Order Picking Carts (12) Instrument Carts (11) Mattress Carts (4)
Bar Cradle Trucks (8) Security Carts and Trucks (15) Bulk Trucks (7)
Housekeeping Carts (8) Steer Trailers (10) Narrow Aisle Carts (7)
Custom Carts & Tracks (14) Office Carts (6) Tub Carts (4)
Food Tray Carts (3) Carton Carts and Trucks (1) Welding Carts (16)
Folding Carts (13) Tablet Storage Carts (1) Lumber & Panel Carts (4)
Chair and Table Carts (8) Poly Box Trucks (21) Recycle Carts (3)
Mobile Steel Carts (1) Tool Carts (8) Stock Carts (16)
Wire Reel Carts (4) Tray Carts (7) Wagons and Trailers (6)
Service Carts (60) Platform Trucks (173) Drywall Carts (4)
Laundry Carts (17) Hydraulic Elevating Carts (11) Economy Platform Trucks (8)
Stock Trucks (18) Tilt Trucks (10) Box Trucks (32)
Luggage Carts (4) Wire Carts (42) Panel Movers (26)
A-Frame Carts (22) Bin Carts (13) Book Carts (5)
Audio Video Carts (3) Utility Vehicles (10) Cleanroom Carts (14)
Lab Carts (17) Shelf Trucks (63) Specialty Carts and Trucks (70)
Medical Equipment (40)
Basket Trucks

Browse our selection of Basket Trucks.
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