Bin Storage Cabinets, Modular Drawer Cabinets, Safety Cabinets, Storage Cabinets and much more! We have all types of cabinets to meet your needs.

Extra large storage cabinets for bigger storage space.
Browse Jumbo Storage Cabinets by manufacturer
Military storage cabinets are designed to store equipment, weapons, and supplies.
Browse Military Storage Cabinets by manufacturer
Visible Storage Cabinets provide easy viewing and access to items
Ventilated Storage Cabinets to keeps items secure and odor-free.
Browse Ventilated Storage Cabinets by manufacturer
Security cabinets to keep firearms safely secured.
Browse Gun Security Cabinets by manufacturer
Material Flow's wide selection of storage cabinets help keep your supplies, inventory and materials organized and secure. Our industrial cabinets are available in many shapes and sizes.
Browse our selection of Cylinder Storage Cabinets.
Browse our selection of Clear View Cabinet Systems.
Browse our selection of Modular Tool Cabinet Systems.
Browse Modular Tool Cabinets by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Deluxe Storage Cabinet Systems.
Browse Deluxe Storage Cabinets by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Utility Cabinet Systems.
Browse Utility Cabinets by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Hose Cabinets.
Browse Hose Cabinets by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Steel Cabinet Systems.
Browse Steel Cabinets by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Bench Cabinets.
Browse Bench Cabinets by manufacturer
Quick ship storage cabinets for immediate use in any application.
Browse Quick Ship Storage Cabinets by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Modular Mobile Cabinet Systems.
Browse Modular Mobile Cabinets by manufacturer
Browse our selection of Mobile Bench Cabinet Systems.
Browse Mobile Bench Cabinets by manufacturer
Borroughs High Density Drawers from Material Flow
Browse High Density Drawers by manufacturer
Excellent storage for flat files
Browse Flat Files by manufacturer
Lateral file cabinets for any home or office
Browse Lateral File Cabinets by manufacturer
Vertical file cabinets for home or office organization.
Browse Vertical File Cabinets by manufacturer
Easy organization of literature, magazines, brochures.
Browse Literature Organizers by manufacturer
Storage solutions for paper products.
Browse Paper Storage Cabinets by manufacturer
Keep items safe and secured with these great security cabinet solutions.
Browse Security Cabinets by manufacturer
Excellent, heavy duty cabinets for janitorial supplies.
Bin storage cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. excellent for automotive applications or small parts storage, most bin cabinets come equipped with corrosive-resistant plastic bins that easily clip to welded racks inside the storage cabinet.
Stainless Steel Cabinets for any application.
Modular drawer cabinets from Lyon, Durham, Equipto, Rousseau and Tennsco allow you to organize and store small items using a minimal amount of floor space. Whether you're storing tools, parts or inventory, Material Flow has the modular drawer cabinet to meet your needs.
All-welded cabinets offer increased storage capacity over traditional storage cabinets. In addition, an all-welded cabinets provide extra security for important items and the heavy duty construction means your cabinet will last for years.
Material Flow has a large selection of file cabinets, bookcases, literature sorters and drawer cabinets. These office cabinets meet practical storage needs while offering clean looks that match most office decor.
Safety cabinets are designed to secure dangerous items in your shop or warehouse. Whether you are storing flammable materials, corrosives, poisonous substances or dangerous gas and LP cylinders in your safety cabinet, we've got you covered.
Material Flow carries Borroughs museum cabinets! The herbarium cabinet is perfect for protecting your botanical specimens, with flats storage keeping one-of-a-kind film and artwork pieces safe. These world-renowned museum cabinets are used by some of the leading museums, colleges, and art institutes in U.S.
Browse Museum Cabinets by manufacturer
Keep your valuable tools organized with a tool cabinet from Equipto and Lyon. These heavy duty tool cabinets will last for years and are available in a variety of configurations.
Cabinet Work Centers feature heavy gauge steel tops with low-profile drawers and make perfect work stations to hold workshop tools.
Computer workstations are perfect for protecting valuable computers and use in presentations, meetings or conferences.
Plastic Storage Cabinets for small parts storage
Browse Plastic Storage Cabinets by manufacturer
Great for tight spaces. Keeps materials and supplies available for easy access without opening and closing doors.
Browse Open Style Cabinets by manufacturer
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Mobile Cabinets (37) Visible Storage Cabinets (17) Storage Cabinets (72)
Cylinder Storage Cabinets (11) Modular Tool Cabinets (4) Jumbo Storage Cabinets (2)
Military Storage Cabinets (1) Ventilated Storage Cabinets (21) Gun Security Cabinets (3)
Wardrobe Storage Cabinets (16) Wall Mounted Cabinets (8) Clear View Cabinets (17)
Deluxe Storage Cabinets (3) Utility Cabinets (4) Hose Cabinets (4)
Steel Cabinets (2) Bench Cabinets (5) Modular Mobile Cabinets (3)
Mobile Bench Cabinets (24) High Density Drawers (12) Specialty Cabinets (25)
Bin Storage Cabinets (104) Stainless Steel Cabinets (11) Flat Files (4)
Lateral File Cabinets (4) Vertical File Cabinets (2) Literature Organizers (3)
Paper Storage Cabinets (1) Security Cabinets (5) Janitorial Cabinets (9)
Modular Drawer Cabinets (57) All-Welded Cabinets (20) Office Cabinets (75)
Safety Cabinets (19) Tool Cabinets (14) Cabinet Work Centers (13)
Computer Workstations (8) Open Style Cabinets (4)
Mobile Cabinets

Browse our selection of Mobile Cabinets.
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