Dollies allow easy movement of heavy objects such as drums, cans, or furniture. Hardwood dollies, steel dollies, plastic dollies and much more! Material Flow has a large inventory of dollies from the top manufacturers like Stromberg, Morse, Fairbanks Casters, Dutro Company and Vestil Manufacturing.

Wood dollies from Material Flow
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Lever Dollies from Material Flow
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Aluminum dollies for material handling needs.
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Browse our selection of Angle Iron Dollies.
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Browse our selection of Stainless Steel Dollies.
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Browse our selection of Chair Stacking Dollies.
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Browse our selection of Folding Chair Dollies.
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Material Flow carries several brands of Hardwood Dollies including Stromberg, Fairbanks Casters, Vestil, Hamilton, Nutting, Wesco and Buckhorn. Built with heavy duty casters and made to last.
Steel Dollies can withstand up to 1500 lbs. and are built using heavy duty casters. Choose from the fine selection of steel dollies from Vestil, Hamilton, Wesco, Raymond, Jesco, Little Giant, Dutro and Metro.
Easily transport items with plastic dollies from Material Flow.
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Pallet Dollies speed up loading, unloading, and materials movement in the warehouse or the production line.
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Hillman Rollers and Tractel heavy and light equipment moving kits transport up to 50 tons of industrial equipment with these versatile kits.
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Specialty Dollies (32) Wood Dollies (2) Lever Dollies (3)
Aluminum Dollies (5) Angle Iron Dollies (2) Stainless Steel Dollies (1)
Stack Chair Dollies (5) Folding Chair Dollies (5) Folding Table Dollies (4)
Hardwood Dollies (7) Steel Dollies (24) Plastic Dollies (6)
Pallet Dollies (6) Equipment Moving Systems (68)
Specialty Dollies

Specialty dollies for any application
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