Pallet Jacks

Standard pallet jacks, corrosion resistant pallet jacks, low PROFILE pallet jacks, scale pallet jacks, four way pallet jacks, outdoor pallet jacks OR drum pallet jacks.

Browse our selection of Galvanized Pallet Trucks. Galvanized steel pallet trucks are ideal for outdoor or extreme environments.
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Browse our selection of Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks.
Browse our selection of Manual Pallet Jacks.
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Moving jacks suitable for moving furniture.
Browse Furniture Moving Jacks by manufacturer
Material Flow offers pallet jacks from Stromberg, Wesco, Vestil and many other fine manufacturers. We provide pallet jacks for every application.
Check out these unbelievable deals on Stromberg Pallet Jacks — galvanized pallet jacks, stainless pallet jacks, scale equipped pallet jacks, extended reach pallet jacks and much more. All in stock and ready to ship.
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Low profile pallet jacks get under pallets and skids where standard jacks can't go. Material Flow carries low profile pallet jacks from Stromberg, Vestil and other top manufacturers.
Corrosion resistant pallet jacks are great for food processing plants, freezers, and pharmaceutical applications. Material Flow offers corrosion resistant pallet jacks from Stromberg, Presto, Wesley and other manufacturers.
Browse Corrosion Resistant Pallet Jacks by manufacturer
Scale pallet jacks verify freight weights while on the move, saving time and money. Choose from Stromberg, Wesco, Vestil and Interthor models!
Four-way pallet jacks offer increased maneuverability in tight spaces. Material Flow carries Stromberg, Wesco and Vestil models.
Browse Four Way Pallet Jacks by manufacturer
Electric pallet jacks from Wesco, Vestil, Big Joe and other manufacturers require less effort to operate and offer powered portability.
Skid Lift Jacks improve material handling productivity, increase efficiency and reduce potential worker injury. Choose from models from Stromberg, Wesco, Vestil and other manufacturers.
Vestil Outdoor and All-Terrain Pallet Jacks are great on construction sites, lumber yards, nurseries and any other rough or uneven surfaces.
Browse Outdoor Pallet Jacks by manufacturer
Lift and tilt jacks lift, tilt and transport crates, boxes and pallets with open bottoms. Select from Stromberg, Wesco, Vestil, Interthor and other manufacturers.
You can't beat the deals on these drum pallet jacks! Move your 55 gallon drums the easy way, with pallet jacks from Stromberg, Wesco and Vestil.
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Material Flow features special pallet jacks, such as roll lifters and high capacity trucks, from Vestil, Wesco and Wesley.
Pallet jack accessories, such as adaptors, caddies, and stops, are great additions to any pallet jack. Vestil and Wesco offer a variety of options.
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Pallet Mule pallet jacks from Wesley
Browse Wesley Pallet Jacks by manufacturer
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Galvanized Pallet Trucks (2) Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks (6) Manual Pallet Jacks (2)
Furniture Moving Jacks (1) Standard Pallet Jacks (34) Best Deal Pallet Jacks (8)
Low Profile Pallet Jacks (6) Corrosion Resistant Pallet Jacks (2) Scale Pallet Jacks (5)
Four Way Pallet Jacks (4) Electric Pallet Jacks (30) Skid Lift Jacks (18)
Outdoor Pallet Jacks (2) Lift and Tilt Jacks (12) Drum Pallet Jacks (3)
Special Pallet Jacks (12) Pallet Jack Accessories (12) All Pallet Jacks (86)
Wesley Pallet Jacks (5)
Galvanized Pallet Trucks

Browse our selection of Galvanized Pallet Trucks. Galvanized steel pallet trucks are ideal for outdoor or extreme environments.
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