Frequently Asked Questions

Why would the listed price change?
Due to the large amount of products we carry, it's close to impossible to keep up with the ever changing prices of our manufacturers products. We do our best, but the prices of raw materials such as steel or aluminum constantly change and makes this a difficult task. We apologize for incorrect prices listed, and are working on ways to keep our prices current each day.

I am having trouble with the captcha image on the contact page.
Our captcha images do not automatically refresh, so if you fill out a form and get it wrong the first try, you need to refresh the image. If you experience any other errors you can use the bug report tool in the footer of each page to let our web staff know about your problem.

I want to purchase something online and I cannot find the cart.
You can find our secure online store at this link: Material Flow & Conveyor Systems Inc. Online Store
We now have over 15,000 products available for purchase online! Orders made online do not include price changes by the manufacturer, or shipping rates. Once your order is placed, you may be contacted for further information. A shipping charge and any applicable fees and taxes are added to your total and your order is shipped. More on freight

I cannot find the product on the online store, but I see it here on this site.
Some of our items cannot be priced, either because of frequently changing cost of raw goods, or the item in question requires additional information. Products with set prices are added to our online store, others are skipped. Please call our sales staff or fill out a quote request for any item marked "CALL" in the price.

I just placed an order. How long can I expect to wait?
Typically an order takes 1 to 2 business days to process. Shipping can take up to several weeks. Plastic orders require a unique freight process that can add additional time.

I clicked a link from another site or search engine and was re-directed to another page.
If this happens it usually means either the product you clicked has been removed, or put into a different category. Our Model Numbers match our catalog, so you can try searching the model number or product name on our Search Page

I can't seem to find what I am searching for using your search.
Make sure you do not have any spaces or typos in your model number. Unlike google or other big search engines, our search is done by simply looking for exact matches. If you are one or two characters off with your text, the application will not see the numbers or characters as a match. If you are sure you have the model number correct, give us a call and one of our sales guys can assist you in finding what you are looking for.

I want to return an item I purchased
See our Return and Refund Policy

What is my lead time?
All shipments have verious lead times we have many distribution points across the usa and with will very depending on product and FOB point. If you think your order is late Please call and ask our sales or customer service.

This web site does not seem to display properly.
Internet Explorer 6 and older versions have trouble rendering CSS. We suggest you upgrade to one of these free browsers:
Google Chrome

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