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Pallet Rack History

As recent as 1900 items and products were stored haphazrdly on the floor or on top of other material. This was acceptable until space and time became more of an issue. Racks were developed to answer the need for more storage space. Engineers figured out that racks could store four times the amount of material in far less space. Rack has come a long way since then and the height of rack structure is now only limited by the equipment used to store and retrieve the material. While the terms shelving and rack are often used interchangably there is a difference between the two. Racks are designed to store palletized, containerized or large unit loads typically placed by handling equipment such as fork trucks, stackers etc�

Pallet Rack
Pallet Racks Save Space and Time

Industrial storage racks are classified into two basic types.

1. Stationary Racks
- Selective Pallet Racks
- Drive In and Drive Thru Racks
- Stacker Racks
- Cantilever Racks
- Pallet Flow Racks
- Package Flow Racks

2. Portable Racks
- Pallet Stacking Frames
- Unitized Portable Racks
- Special Purpose Racks

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Rack Systems Home
Whether it's pallet rack, cantilever rack, bulk racks, stacking racks, or pallet rack systems, Material Flow has rack for every application. Implementing rack system solutions is one of Material Flow & Conveyor Systems, Inc's strongest attributes. Our friendly staff can sell, design and install a pallet rack system that best meets your needs.

Pallet Racks
Pallet Rack is the standard in storage for warehouses, plants and many other industrial and commercial applications. In addition to selling pallet rack, Material Flow employs a team of experts that are capable of designing and setting up your pallet rack system. We currently carry Steel King Pallet Rack, Lyon Pallet Rack, LMT Pallet Rack, SpaceRak Pallet Rack and Wireway Husky Pallet Rack.

Bulk Pallet Rack
Bulk Pallet Rack

Cantilever Racks Home
Cantilever racks store bulky, irregular, long and odd-shaped items at low cost. Cantilever racks achieve maximum utilization of cubic warehouse space without front posts or columns to restrict horizontal space. Check out our value priced Cascade Cantilever Rack, this high quality rack is always in stock!

Bulk Racks Home
Bulk racks offer high capacity shelving for storing large inventories of just about anything. Bulk racks are avaible with particle board decking, steel decking, wire decking or no decking at all. Material Flow carries bulk rack for any application.

Stacking Racks Home
Stacking racks offer increased flexibility when compared to traditional pallet rack. Material Flow has stacking racks for every application.

Rack Wire Decking Home
Wire rack decking to fit every type of pallet rack.

Rack Guard and Protection Home
Protect expensive pallet rack with protective guards and barriers.

drive in pallet rack
Drive in Pallet Rack
Drive-In Pallet Rack Home
Drive-In Pallet Racks offer high density, space saving storage for pallets loads and ease of product selectivity.

Push Back Pallet Racks Home
Push Back Pallet Racks offer up to 90 percent more product storage than selective pallet rack systems.

Pallet Flow Racks Home
A Pallet Flow Rack will increase space utilization in your existing structure, helping defer or avoid the costs of building and maintaining new structures.

Lumber Racks Home
Lumber racks provide storage for plywood, sheet rock, paneling or any other type of lumber product.

Rack Building Home
Material Flow can help build, install and design a rack building to suit your needs.

Furniture Pallet Racks Home
Furniture racks store sofas, chairs, tables, beds and dressers with ease.

Pallet Rack Systems Home
Material Flow has been engineering, installing and configuring rack systems for years.

Case Flow Racks Home
Case flow racks keep inventory fresh with their first-in / firs-out design. Material Flow has case flow racks for every application.

Bar and Pipe Racks Home
Bar and pipe racks store long items such as pipe, or re-bar. Available in starter units or double faced.

drive in pallet rack
Cable Reel Rack
Cable Reel Racks Home
Cable Reel Rack units are ideal for maintenance shops, contractors, electrical wholesalers, retailers and distributors.

Die Rack Home
High denisty die rack from Material Flow.

Drum Racks Home
Ideal for storing large inventories of drums. Material Flow carries Cascade Equipment and MECO OMAHA brands.

Archive Record Racks Home
Archive record racks are great for storing old files, documents, and media.

Empty Pallet Storage Home
Keep your empty pallets organized with an empty pallet storage system from Material Flow.

Car Storage Racks Home
Car storage racks utilize unused vertical space to store any type of car or truck. Perfect for car collectors, museums or dealerships

Tire Racks Home
Tire racks keeps tires organized. Material Flow has tire racks for every application.

Boat Storage Racks Home
Boat storage racks are the perfect solution to storing boats out of water.

Specialty Racks Home
Rack supported mezzanines, carpet storage racks, automotive racks, and much more.

Cylinder Racks Home
Store and protect all types of cylinders with a cylinder rack from Material Flow.
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