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Continuous Speed Rail System Components

Supplier: Railex

Railex Continuous Speed Rail System Components provide some of the best and sturdy support for any overhead conveyor system.

Ceiling Bolt:

  • For fastening suspension pipes directly from wooden beams
  • Lag end screws into 1/4" inch hole drilled in beam
  • Opposite end expands into suspension pipe when tightened
  • Provides sturdy support for suspensions
  • Permits installation from floor level when suspension pipe is inserted in advance

Flange Clamp:

  • For fastening suspensions to ceiling, brace pipes to wall, or uprights to floor
  • Simply insert pipe and tighten non-slip nut
  • Provides sturdy support not possible with other flanges
  • Holes on 3.25" centers

Pipe Header Clamp:
For strapping pipe or tube headers to underside of I, T or L beams. Low cost, fast installation.

Jack Set:

  • For supporting uprights between floor and ceiling
  • Includes both floor and ceiling sections
  • Hexagon nut tightens to jack upright between floor and ceiling
  • Adjusts for differences in ceiling height or irregularities in floor
  • Holes on 3.25" inch centers

Suspension Clamp (Beam, Angle or Channel):

  • For suspending pipe or tubing from I, T, or L beams, channel, or angle
  • Quickly attaches to beam
  • Permits vertical adjustment of 1" inch

Suspension Clamp (Adjustable):

  • For suspending pipe or tubing with 1 hole or 2 hole mounting angle and for supporting equipment from pipe suspensions when clamp is reversed
  • Permits vertical adjustment of 4"
  • Mounting angle pivots to 45°

2 Hole Flange and Nipple:

  • 2 hole mounting for use as upright base plate
  • One piece weldment
  • Holes on 3.25" inch centers

Flange and Nipple 1 Hole:

  • Single center hole mounting for use as upright base plate
  • Uses FA5015 anchor for concrete floors of FL3110 lag bolt for wood floors
  • One piece weldment

Suspension Clamp:
For suspending pipe or tubing with hole mounting.

Heavy duty for strapping headers and braces to beams, trusses, angles, and other structurals.

Base, Dished 20" x 20"
Floor stand for uprights. Flared Edge. Four 3/8" mounting holes.

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