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Light Duty Belting

Manufacturer: Stromberg

Also FOB Mexico and Canada
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Brown Nitrile FBS
BELTING-24 through BELTING-26A in table below
Features a tightly woven blend of cotton and polyester plies impregnated with nitrile, producing a belt suitable for light and medium-weight conveying for a multitude of applications. Particularly popular for oily conditions, especially the conveying of metal parts, also as carrying tapes for folding machines. Commonly used for power transmission belting in the heavier weights for conditions involving oil and heat. Economical. Very flexible.

Poly Black Heavy-Duty Nitrile FBS
BELTING-27 and BELTING-28 in table below
These belts are recommended for handling metal stampings, automotive parts, sheet steel, and any application requiring very high oil resistance. Features rugged, high-strength polyester carcass; suitable for medium-capacity transmission belt where oil, grease or chemicals are present. Flexible, yet will withstand cutting, gouging, and abrasion.

4 Ply Poly Black Neoprene FBS-SC
BELTING-27A in table below
Static conductive properties allow this belt to be used in electronic parts conveying and for other products sensitive to static discharge. (5 and 6 ply are also available. Minimum quantities apply.)

Black Nitrile COS
BELTING-29 and BELTING-30 in table below
All-purpose conveyor belts with smooth nitrile top covers for assembly line, packaging, and a wide variety of industrial uses. The 2 ply is made with a cotton-polyester blend carcass. Flexible, yet strong, the 3 ply features a heavier polyester carcass for added stretch resistance. Both belts have superior oil, grease, and animal fat resistance, and good heat capability. FDA approved.

Poly Black Checkout Belt
BELTING-31 in table below
Designed for checkout counters for best appearance and maximum serviceability. Strong yet flexible; cover is nick resistant; low friction bottom; very economical for light industrial uses. FDA approved.

4 Ply Tan Sliptop
BELTING-32 in table below
The hard-woven, abrasive-resistant bare nylon top surface is virtually frictionless and therefore ideal for "stall" operations or accumulating applications where the product must stop while the belt continues to move. Commonly used with automatic packaging machinery, and with gates or diverter arms.

Urethane 120
BELTING-33 in table below
This lightweight, economical urethane belt is an excellent value for applications requiring high resistance to cutting, gouging, tearing and high abrasion. In addition, both the cover and interwoven polyester carcass are resistant to most oils, greases, and chemicals. It will substantially outwear a rubber-covered belt.

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Model No. Description Price Ea. Qty
BELTING-24 3 Ply Brown Nitrile FBS Priced Per Application
BELTING-25 5 Ply Brown Nitrile FBS Priced Per Application
BELTING-26 7 Ply Brown Nitrile FBS Priced Per Application
BELTING-26A 9 Ply Brown Nitrile FBS Priced Per Application
BELTING-27 4 Ply Poly 180 Black HD Nitrile FBS Priced Per Application
BELTING-28 5 Ply Poly 225 Black HD Nitrile FBS Priced Per Application
BELTING-27A 4 Ply Poly Black Neoprene FBS-SC Priced Per Application
BELTING-29 2 Ply CP 30 Black Nitrile COS Priced Per Application
BELTING-30 3 Ply Poly 135 Black Nitrile COS Priced Per Application
BELTING-31 2 Ply Poly 70 Black Checkout Belt Priced Per Application
BELTING-32 4 Ply Tan Sliptop Priced Per Application
BELTING-33 Urethane 120 Brown PU x FS Priced Per Application
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