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PolyPro Plus Belting

Supplier: Stromberg

Also FOB Mexico and Canada
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PolyPro Plus 1 Ply Polyurethane x Bare
BELTING-103HCR and BELTING-103HCRB in table below
These premium belts feature a highly cross rigid PU impregnated carcass with excellent dimensional stability for extremely long and wide conveyors. They are perfect for cooling tunnels, with excellent release. Knife edge and slider bed suitable; also antistatic. Both comply with FDA and EU regulations for conveying food products.

PolyPro Plus 1 Ply Polyurethane "Rice Grain" x Bare
BELTING-103RG in table below
This one ply rigid-weft construction is suitable for slider bed, roller bed, or troughed bed conveyors. Its Rice Grain (RG) non-stick profile has a high release and is easily cleaned. Ideal for candy and chocolate factories, also small parts on metal detector conveyors. No. 103RG is non-antistatic and complies with FDA and EU regulations for conveying food.

PolyPro Plus 2 Ply Clear Matte Polyurethane x Bare
BELTING-108CL and BELTING-108HCR in table below
The 108CL is our top of the line belt for eddy current, meat preparation, deboning, metal stamping, optical scanning, and automotive applications. No. 108HCR is excellent for Z-shaped conveyors and is antistatic, with a thinner 2.35mm overall thickness. Both belts are FDA and EU compliant and are ideal for corrugated sidewall and/or cleat fabrications.

PolyPro Plus 2 Ply White Glossy Polyurethane x Bare
BELTING-108GL in table below
No. 108GL is a premium two-ply belt with a high gloss top cover that has excellent release qualities for candy and prepared food applications. Its rigid PU carcass construction makes it dimensionally stable for extended service life. The 108GL meets FDA standards for use on smaller pulleys (knife edge suitable) in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is non-antistatic and is easy to clean.

PolyPro Plus 2 Ply Blue Matte Polyurethane x Cover
BELTING-108MRG in table below
The 108MRG's PU top cover was designed for the easy release of food products. Its high gloss Rice Grain (RG) bottom profile has excellent wear characteristics. The belt's good dimensional stability makes it ideal for long conveying applications, slider bed, roller bed, or troughed bed conveyors. The 108MRG is non-antistatic and can be used on metal detectors. Complies with FDA and EU regulations for conveying food products.

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Model No. Description Price Ea. Qty
BELTING-103HCR E7/1 U0/U5 White AS FDA Priced Per Application
BELTING-103HCRB E7/1 U0/U5 Blue AS FDA Priced Per Application
BELTING-103RG E5/1 U0/U5 RG White HR NA FDA Priced Per Application
BELTING-108CL E13/2 U0/U16 Clear Matte NA Priced Per Application
BELTING-108HCR E13/2 U1/U75 Clear Matte AS FDA Priced Per Application
BELTING-108GL E10/2 U0/U2 White PU GL NA FDA Priced Per Application
BELTING-108MRG EM14/2 U3RG/U3 Blue M NA FDA Priced Per Application
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