Sidewinder Unlimited Stretch Wrapper

Manufacturer: ARPAC

InfraPak line and Sidewinder name are complete with this sleek, full service semi-automatic rotary tower machine. This system allows the load to be stationary while the wrapping sequence occurs. The Sidewinder Unlimited is far superior in performance with our unique drive system allowing three shifts per day, seven days a week operation.

  • Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC
  • Semi-Automatic Controls
  • Wrap Pattern Select Feature (3 Patterns)
  • Top Over Wrap Control
  • Cycle Pause Control
  • Carriage Pause Control (Banding)
  • Adjustable Top & Bottom Wrap Counters (0-9) (Bright Red LED's)
  • Panel Controlled Film Tension Adjustment
  • Load Height Sensing Eye
  • Machine Operational Diagnostics
  • Safety Eye and Brake System for the Arm Tower
  • Pre-Stretch: 100-300%
  • Positive Alignment
  • 24 Hour Continuous Duty
  • Arm Speed: Variable 0-12 RPM
  • Carriage Speed: 0-40 RPM (Independent Up & Down Speed Controls)
  • Weight Capacity: Depends on the floor bearing
  • Max Load Size: 48" x 48"
  • Max Wrap Height: 84"
  • Safety Flashing Light

Approximate Shipping Weight
2,050 lbs. Without Pole Stand

Frame Construction
  • Arm: Reinforced Structural Steel
  • Film Carriage: 1/4" Steel Uni-Body
  • Mainframe: Structural Steel
  • Tower: Steel Formed Unit

Film Delivery System
  • EZ LOAD FLM SAVR - No Film Threading Required
  • 20" Film Capacity Standard 30" Film Capacity Available
  • Single Chain Carriage Lift System

Arm-Tower Rotation Drive Line
Unique and extremely reliable design incorporating no wear or maintenance items such as chains, sprockets or belts

Electrical Data
  • Required Service: 120V AC/1 Phase/60 HZ/15 Amps
  • Dust Tight Control Box (NEMA 12)
  • External Located Fuses
  • Arm: 1/2 HP Motor, 90V DC, 1725 RPM with Regenerative Drive
  • FLM SAVR: 1/3 HP, 90V DC Motor, 1725 RPM
  • UL Approved Components

1 Model Available for
Sidewinder Unlimited Stretch Wrapper

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Model No. Price Ea. Qty
Sidewinder-Unlimited Call for Pricing

1 Option Available for
Sidewinder Unlimited Stretch Wrapper

Sidewinder Unlimited Stretch Wrapper Option Image

Option: Sidewinder Unlimited Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper Options

Sidewinder Unlimited Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper Options
Model No. Description Price Ea. Qty
SU-MP84 For 84" Wrap Height Call for Pricing
SU-MP96 For 96" Wrap Height Call for Pricing
SU-AFTD AFTD (Automatic Film Tear Device): A device that automatically tears the film at the end of the semi-automatic cycle Call for Pricing
SU-15 0-15 RPM Call for Pricing
SU-18 0-18 RPM Call for Pricing