U-Series Air Cylinder Dock Levelers

Manufacturer: Blue Giant

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Blue Giant U-Series Air Cylinder Dock Lifts (patent pending) are technologically innovative and an industry first. This groundbreaking new dock product uses the power of air to deliver the same optimum performance that makes Blue Giant dock levelers an industry standard.

On-Demand Air System

This Dock Leveler's unique design radically changes the industry standard for air-actuated dock equipment. Powered by a tankless, oil-free compressor, it delivers a smooth performance, decreases operating costs, and supports a clean pit. Enhanced safety features, independent lip control, and reduced maintenance requirements give the Air Cylinder Dock Leveler the reliability of a hydraulic dock… without the oil.

Structural Integrity

A minimum of six heavy-duty U-beam channels are welded to the underside of the deck at dynamic impact points, enabling a stronger distributed load. For more demanding applications, the standard fixed rear hinge design can be advanced to assured motion float, a 4" (101 mm) maintained deck tilt that allows the dock leveler to withstand heavier usage without experiencing deck fatigue. A powerful dock system that only needs air to keep productivity and safety at optimum levels.


  • Air Compressor: Tankless and oil-free. Delivers air on demand for smooth and steady performance.
  • Air-Powered Lip Cylinder: Independent lip control for fast cycle time.
  • Air-Powered Lifting Cylinder: Uses the power of air for safe and efficient deck deployment.
  • Home Position Sensor: Advises whether the deck is parked or deployed and ensures safe, sequenced equipment operation.
  • Fixed Rear Hinge: Lets the deck flex up to 4" (101 mm) under load. May be upgraded to Assured Motion Float, a 4" (101 mm) maintained deck tilt.

Safety Features

  • Mechanical Fall-safe Legs:Limit platform free-fall.
  • Safety Skirts: Eliminate pinch points and crush hazards.
  • Maintenance Strut: Supports safe under-deck maintenance procedures.

Available in 30,000, 35,000, 40,000 and 45,000 lb. (13,636, 15,909, 18,144 and 20,454 kg) Rated Capacities

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9 Models Available for
U-Series Air Cylinder Dock Levelers

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Model No. Deck Width Deck Length with Lip Pit Width Pit Length Price Ea. Qty
ACU6006 72" 75.5" 74" 61.25" Call for Pricing
ACU6008 72" 99.5" 74" 85.25" Call for Pricing
ACU6010 72" 123.5" 74" 109.25" Call for Pricing
ACU6606 78" 75.5" 80" 61.25" Call for Pricing
ACU6608 78" 99.5" 80" 85.25" Call for Pricing
ACU6610 83" 123.5" 85" 109.25" Call for Pricing
ACU7006 83" 75.5" 85" 61.25" Call for Pricing
ACU7008 83" 99.5" 85" 85.25" Call for Pricing
ACU7010 83" 123.5" 85" 109.25" Call for Pricing