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Wire Decking

Manufacturer: Tennsco

Wire decking uses 5 gauge wire & consists of a 2” x 4” mesh pattern.
Additional sizes are available; contact factory for pricing.
Wire decking is subject to longer than normal lead times;
contact factory for specifics.
Not recommended for shelf levels with DRS supports deeper than 24”.

If you need a large quantity of this product, call us at 1-800-338-1382 for additional bulk discounts!
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28 Models Available for Wire Decking

  • Prices subject to change without notice

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Model No. Size W x D x H Wt. (lbs) Price Ea. Qty
ZWD-3612 36"W x 12"D x 5/16"H 4 lbs $17.25
ZWD-3618 36"W x 18"D x 5/16"H 6 lbs $20.70
ZWD-3624 36"W x 24"D x 5/16"H 8 lbs $25.30
ZWD-3636 36"W x 36"D x 5/16"H 12 lbs $33.35
ZWD-4218 42"W x 12"D x 5/16"H 7.1 lbs $28.75
ZWD-4224 42"W x 18"D x 5/16"H 9.3 lbs $33.35
ZWD-4230 42"W x 30"D x 5/16"H 11.7 lbs $36.80
ZWD-4236 42"W x 36"D x 5/16"H 14.2 lbs $36.80
ZWD-4812 48"W x 12"D x 5/16"H 5.4 lbs $19.55
ZWD-4815 48"W x 15"D x 5/16"H 7 lbs $28.75
ZWD-4818 48"W x 18"D x 5/16"H 8 lbs $24.15
ZWD-4824 48"W x 24"D x 5/16"H 10.7 lbs $29.90
ZWD-4836 48"W x 36"D x 5/16"H 16 lbs $41.40
ZWD-4848 48"W x 48"D x 5/16"H 21 lbs $60.95
ZWD-6024 60"W x 24"D x 5/16"H 13.3 lbs $49.45
ZWD-6030 60"W x 24"D x 5/16"H 13.3 lbs $90.85
ZWD-6036 60"W x 36"D x 5/16"H 20 lbs $58.65
ZWD-6048 60"W x 48"D x 5/16"H 27 lbs $82.80
ZWD-6930 69"W x 30"D x 5/16"H 19.2 lbs $55.20
ZWD-7224 72"W x 24"D x 5/16"H 16 lbs $44.85
ZWD-7236 72"W x 36"D x 5/16"H 24 lbs $63.25
ZWD-7248 72"W x 48"D x 5/16"H 32 lbs $71.30
ZWD-8424 84"W x 24"D x 5/16"H 19 lbs $90.85
ZWD-8436 84"W x 36"D x 5/16"H 28 lbs $113.85
ZWD-8448 84"W x 48"D x 5/16"H 37 lbs $159.85
ZWD-9624 96"W x 24"D x 5/16"H 21 lbs $59.80
ZWD-9636 96"W x 36"D x 5/16"H 32 lbs $83.95
ZWD-9648 96"W x 48"D x 5/16"H 42 lbs $120.75
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